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Comic Con' Paris Season 4

Comic Con’ Paris, the festival of geek cultures, is the can’t-miss European event for fans of comics, fantastic, fantasy, science fiction!

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Created from the words comics and convention, Comic Con’ Paris refers to the inevitable American events which have been celebrating cult universes for over 60 years. The principle is to celebrate, in one place, all fantastic cultures, which developed through comics and Pulp magazines during the 20th century, soon joined by science fiction and fantasy literatures, by cinema, TV and now video games.

Fans – and people who are just curious – have been meeting for 4 years to enjoy this rich but sometimes ignored culture. Super-heroes, fantastic, science fiction, horror, robotics or even witchcraft: come and discover Comic Con’ Paris, the leader event about geek cultures in Europe!

Like every year since it was created, Comic Con’ Paris is linked to a touchstone event which is over 12 years old, Japan Expo. This association allows everyone to discover the tendencies in entertainment and culture from anywhere around the world, in one place and at one time. Comics, Manga, Asian and American cinema, video games and much more immerse you for four days deep into these communities and cult universes.




Comics & “bande dessinée”

American comics imaginary world, an important part of today’s culture in the USA, was born in the early 20th century in badly crafted magazines and were very successful among young and older people. New, cheap, original and varied, they soon became an essential element of popular culture. In 1938, Superman was born and along with him creative artists, authors and illustrators who laid the bases of the fantastic and science fiction universes who were to become cult.

Comic books and comics are the cornerstones of Comic Con’ Paris. Comic book authors cross the oceans to attend the event and many Franco-Belgian artists are in for it: the groups ComicVerse and Café Salé, publishers such as Soleil, les Humanoïdes Associés, Ankama, Delcourt, Glénat and much more!

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Jean-Claude Mézières and Pierre Christin, 2010 guests of honor

In 2010, during Season 2, great names of Franco-Belgian “bande dessinée”, Jean-Claude Mézières and Pierre Christin, came to the festival. The artist and the scriptwriter of the famous science fiction comic Valérian were the guests of honor of the festival.

Like the greatest and most mythical American conventions, Comic Con’ Paris also proposes an Artists’ Alley which brings together dozens of artists and scriptwriters who meet the attendees for signings.

© TAKO Presse / 2011 / Kamel Otsmane, Eric Lang
The Artists' Alley in 2011 & J. Scott Campbell, 2011 comics guest of honor


Cinema & TV series

In movies or on TV, the greatest cult universes were born ahead of their time: from George Méliès to George Lucas, there is an ongoing will to innovate. Keeping the foundations of genre literatures, adapted as films, cinema allows a whole generation of young fans passionate of “the image” to gather around new universes. Long before cinema, TV was already at work. From Star Trek in 1966 to Game of Thrones in 2011, almost 50 years have elapsed but TV still offers as many cult universes when it comes to science fiction, super-heroes and fantastic.

© Damien BOREL -
The cast of Highlander in 2010 & Steven Moffat, 2011 TV show guest of honor

More than ever, cinema and TV series belong to Comic Con’ Paris thanks to many guests, such as the cast of Highlander in 2010, the actors of Merlin in 2011, as well as Steven Moffat, the showrunner of Doctor Who, and many exclusivities, with the support of TV channels, publishers and distributors.

© TAKO Presse / 2011 / Paul Teisson
Merlin: Katie McGRATH (Morgana), Julian JONES (one of the creators of the show),
Colin MORGAN (Merlin) and Bradley JAMES (Arthur)


Video games

As a media which has been expanding for 20 years, video games today are the first cultural industry in the world. Video games also show great know-how and innovation: in Europe, in the USA or in Japan, games are amazingly revived thanks to processes which were only used for films, literature or pictorial arts up to now, such as the making, the acting, the scriptwriting, the music, or the 2D and 3D graphic arts. Often ahead of their time, video games are getting attractive to more and more great artists, with famous names from cinema or music.

© Damien BOREL -

The video game area of Comic Con’ Paris is an important part of it and publishers, online video game amateur developers and associations meet here to organize ongoing freeplay and tournaments, display on thousands meters square to celebrate video games and its cult universes persistent worlds!

In 2010, a new stage entirely dedicated to video games was created. It hosts presentations, world previews, conferences and tournaments. In 2011, the World Cyber Games French finals took place on the video game stage of Comic Con’ Paris.

© TAKO Presse / 2011 / Paul Teisson


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