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Published on 08/04/2010 - Edition

ORGames is back this year at Comic Con’ with loads of activities and musical games, among which a Dance Dance Revolution stage, always very much acclaimed!



The association Original Rhythm Games (ORGames) has one aim: promoting rhythm games in Paris and its region.

ORGames takes part in any multicultural event dealing with video games. Beside public gatherings, the association also offers services to private individuals as well as companies (for instance, activities organized by the works council).

In varied festivals and exhibitions, the association has a booth where it proposes rhythm games and initiates the attendees to a new kind of video games. And for experienced players, it organizes tournaments with an online ranking, videos broadcast on the Internet, competition, an audience and of course prizes to win!

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Rhythm Games

A rhythm game, as told by their name, are games where players have to follow the rhythm of the music as best as possible and keep in tune with it.

In this category of video games, the player has no more gamepad but other devices adapted to the different games.

Each rhythm games has its own rules and principle:

  • Dancing simulations in which the player dances on a mat laid on the floor
  • Karaoke simulations in which the player sings in a mike
  • Instrument simulations in which the player follows the score on the screen, for example with a fake guitar
  • And many more rhythm games (DJ, drums, etc.)

Ready to follow the rhythm and dance to exhaustion? So see you at Comic Con’ with ORGames!


More information about ORGames on their website!

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