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Published on 05/06/2013 - Edition 2013

Comic Con’ Paris press conference took place yesterday and here is what’s been announced…

Doctor Who is celebrating its 50th anniversary and Comic Con’ Paris couldn’t miss it: for the occasion Mark Gatiss, screenwriter, is the festival guest and the TARDIS will be at Comic Con’ Paris!

Feel getting a fright? Le Manoir de Paris is at Comic Con’ Paris on 100 sqm of sheer terror!

On the Artists’ Alley, you’ll meet the artists Barry Kitson, Dustin Weaver, Rafa Sandoval, and Mr Garcin.

As for French series, Simon Astier is revealing exclusive news about season 3 of HERO CORP, the creator, director, and screenwriter of Les Revenants, Fabrice Gobert, is revealing the secrets of the show during a conference.

Erratum: concerning Noob’s program, a mid-season episode will be showed and not the final episode of season 5 as had been announced. We’re sorry about the mistake.


Another event announced yesterday: the Buffy Reunion by Comic Con' Paris, from July 5 to 7, a private event for all the series fans with Charisma Carpenter, alias Cordelia, Kristine Sutherland, alias Joyce Summers, and Nicholas Brendon, alias Alex. More about the program and tickets soon.


More about those guests and events soon


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sakura35, 26 years, saint-malo
sakura35, 26 years, saint-malo
J'ai hâte d'avoir plus d'infos sur la réunion Buffy >_
Published on 06/06/2013 à 15:21

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